Cadential Potential

by John Denno

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released November 3, 2016

Nathan Kelly - Drums
Miriam Denno - Piano
John Denno - Everything else



all rights reserved


John Denno Liverpool, UK

Folk artist/composer, Sufjan Stevens fan, Yognau(gh)t.

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Track Name: The Great Charter
Free men of England
Stamp your seal
Secure your freedom
Stand your ground

You are the basis
The inspiration
A world with justice
Can it be?
Track Name: Friends I'll Never Know
We’ve journeyed together
Across countless lands
We’ve fought and we’ve found
And we’ve dug and we’ve mined
We’ve built we’ve created
We’ve laughed and we’ve cried
And we’ve done it hand in hand
Every step of the way

To the moon and back again
I hope that this never ends
The thought of life without you friend
It’s hard for me to comprehend
You built a factory for fun
Under an artificial sun
And you invited me to come
To be a part of your family

I wouldn't be
Who I am
Without you
All in my life
You’re always there
When I need you
When I feel down
Strange to think that
It's been so long
Since I found you
Oh my friends I’ll never know
Track Name: Jerusalem
An island nation
So separate yet so bound
A primitive land until
By Romans it was found
Conquered time and again
‘Till on that sacred ground
He took an arrow to the eye
And then that trumpet sounds

Rule Britannia
Britannia rules the waves

Colonial pioneers
The modern age’s backbone
Inventors and engineers
The railway and telephone
From Churchill to Shakespeare
Queen Lizzie on the throne
Tim Berners Lee, Edward Lear
Adam Smith and William Gladstone

She is the mother of the free
Land of Hope and Glory

I stumble into Tesco
Clad in my pyjamas
The rain outside has turned to snow
Condensing on my glasses
I’m trying not to undergo
The fate of our forefathers
Just trivia for game shows
The colonial age has passed us

So we have built Jerusalem
In England’s green and pleasant lands
Track Name: Blutack Tactic
Do you feel safe on your own?
Out in the night you hear a groan
Surely it's not any harm
This is just a false alarm

Look around for peace of mind
There’s a figure in the streetlight, undefined
Stationary silhouetted
Staring at you

Fearing for your life you run away
Please don’t follow me, you plead and pray
Traipse back home in the sodium glow
A story to tell, but nothing to show

Your mind is full of many questions
But on your face are tired expressions
Hours pass and sleep takes over
Dreamless and whole

A bright new dawn brings clarity
Shelter and rest, familiarity
What did you see the night before?
Does it matter anymore?

Suddenly from behind you
The figure springs clearly into view
Bathed in light you see his features
Fearsome and bold
Track Name: Ode To Compound Time
I never thought
That a man could be caught
By the six and the 8
of compound time

I didn’t forsee
The effects upon me
Of playing an excess
Of Irish folk tunes

But now I realise
Though it’s a surprise
Yes I am in love
With playing six quavers per bar

Its a shock I know
But it has such great flow
Now every song i play
Has to be in 6/8 my friend

I am in love
With 6/8 time

I am in love
With compound time

Only now do I think
That I’m on the brink
Of never being able
To play in a different meter again

Oh what can I do
Infatuated by you
Oh six eight
I need to play in different times
I need to play in different times

Now I’ve given up
Playing in 6/8
For good
Yeah for good

But something feels wrong
Yeah nothing’s quite right
In four four
so boring
Track Name: Pineapple War Crimes
Pineapple War Crimes
A serious affair
Lemons grapes and limes
Killed without a care
An atrocity in our times
A burden we must bear
But we stay within our confines
Though the world’s in disrepair

A genocide of citrus
That’s strangely been ignored
We hide behind our riches
Waiting for peace to be restored
Only considering self interests
Which is fundamentally flawed
While this plum won't see next Christmas
It’s on the chopping board

You could be so much more
Don't adhere to their selfish desires
We’ll all love you the same
The world is full of people who care for you
And forget about her
There's so much more to see and to do
Oh my friend my friend
Open your eyes look around and see

Don’t lose your sense and self oh brother please
Oh brother please
Don’t be ashamed you are lying to yourself
You’re lying to yourself

Who am I
To judge and chide
To pick the spec in my brother’s eye
I'm just the same
If not worse
I'm lying to myself
I'm lying to myself

The ferocity and violence
Inflicted on that fruit
Was wholly worsened by the silence
that followed, absolute
A noiseless compliance
A world of destitute
All down to our belligerence
Letting pineapples take root
Track Name: Cadential Potential
Do you feel it too?
Through your body
Bruises black and blue
You can’t mistake it
Well I know it’s hard
Sometimes I feel
Like I’m in the dark
Although I know
I can’t do enough
On my own I
Need that radiant dove
On my shoulder
Track Name: Second City
Maritime, liver bird
Estuary, waterfront
Terraced rows, red brick homes
Purple bins line the streets
Workers union, industry
Reconstruction of the city

Banks of the Mersey, the tides and the mudflats
Heart of the empire and port of the world
Oh the life of a merchant, sailing Atlantic
Slave trade, migration, amazing grace I need it

When I walk, through those streets
Of my home, Liverpool
I feel proud, to be part
Of this land, of this place
Redwall Abbey
Towering over me
Casting shadows down

Ghosts of Victorian buildings and history
Mass unemployment, depression and poverty
But there is light there is hope there is spirit
Culture and friendships and good hearted people

Misspent afternoons in Sefton Park
Penny Lane is in my heart
Beechlands antics from the start
Oh my friends don't fall apart
Sundown at the river side
Nowhere else could I abide
Track Name: Good Friday
Above the clouds
There is a voice
It is our God
He calls for us

Below the sea
There is a sound
It breaks the waves
Takes us to shore

Throughout the land
There blows a wind
With it comes fire
Which burns us clean

Atop the hill
There is a man
Nailed to a cross
He waits for us